Kerry MyersKerry, Lafayette is very fortunate that you chose to join our Custodial Services staff on March 27, 1997. Throughout your tenure at the College, we were so grateful for your dedication and effectiveness in collaborating with your colleagues in Lafayette’s Custodial Services Division to do the hard work that enabled us to reach our goal of ensuring the cleanliness of the College’s academic, administrative, and athletic buildings and the common areas within our residence halls.

From the moment that you joined our staff as a custodian, we witnessed your commitment to fulfilling your responsibilities of sanitizing and enhancing the hygiene of the facilities on Lafayette’s campus. During our most demanding time of the year, when we sought to clean our residence halls so that they were ready for alumni who visited their alma mater and students who studied at the College during the summer, we could always depend on you to be flexible and determined to work the many hours that it takes to complete these efforts. After the snow falls on College Hill, we knew that your shoveling would ensure that our students would be able to safely walk down the steps of their residence halls so that they could reach their classrooms soon after the storms ended.

After a decade of benefiting from your enthusiastic and excellent service, our confidence that you would be an outstanding leader for our custodians motivated us to promote you to assistant supervisor of custodial services in 2007. Your collaborative attitude and sense of humor built community among your staff and inspired them to be determined in their efforts. During our academic years, you effectively led 20 members of our custodial staff and motivated them to be efficient and successful in reaching our goals. Your strong leadership was an instrument for ensuring that Lafayette’s residence halls were clean, welcoming, and comfortable for our students. Throughout your tenure as assistant supervisor of custodial services, your leadership was a catalyst for ensuring that our students considered these venues as their home away from home.

Kerry, you and your sense of humor are already missed at Lafayette! We hope you enjoy watching many Philadelphia Eagles games during your retirement. Please know that you are missed by your colleagues.

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