Janice HoffmanJanice, Lafayette is very fortunate that you chose to join our Information Technology Services staff on January 17, 2000. During your tenure as our administrative services consultant, you supported the College through your efforts to manage our Electronic Data Management System. In recognition of your talent and dedication, you were promoted to manager of Lafayette’s Human Resources Information System in 2004.

Throughout your tenure at the College, you have used your knowledge and insights to benefit Lafayette. In addition to your extraordinary technical acumen, you were renowned as a very thoughtful and caring colleague and a dedicated collaborator. Your deep humanity and concern for your fellow colleagues touched the hearts of all those with whom you worked.

We are so grateful that you were always enthusiastic and effective in sharing your technical expertise, even during times when your workload was high. You had a highly valued and admired reputation of being very hardworking and dedicated in going above and beyond your responsibilities in order to support Lafayette in advancing our efforts. Your willingness to pose challenging questions to the leaders of our institution and your colleagues often served as a catalyst for Lafayette making astute choices in evolving or utilizing our technical systems.

As manager of Lafayette’s human resources information system, you oversaw the division’s internal data management and supervised the configuration of the Banner HR module. During your tenure, you led and played an essential role in ensuring that the interface between our Human Resources Department and our Financial Department was effective and what needed to be done was completed. You also played a critical role in the administration of the Banner human resources payroll module. Your careful attention to detail and tenacious personality helped to accurately distribute retirement plan contributions to employee accounts and resolve any time and attendance issues so that employees were correctly paid.

We greatly valued the efforts that you made to implement electronic open enrollment for the benefits that the College offers our employees. Through your efforts, you enhanced our efficiency and effectiveness in enabling our workforce to choose the most beneficial benefits for them and their families.

Janice, your talents and heartwarming dedication were treasured by the Lafayette College community. Please know that you are missed by your colleagues. We hope you enjoy your retirement.

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