Diane, we are so grateful that you accepted a position at Lafayette on April 1, 1974, and devoted your lengthy career to serving the College. After working several years as a member of our development team, we welcomed you to our Finance and Administration Division.

Diane BryantThroughout your tenure at Lafayette, you demonstrated a strong commitment to learning in order to support the College effectively through your service. As an institution of higher education, we admired your passion for growing in your knowledge and wisdom and valued the support that you offered us.

As a floater, you gained the necessary talents and skills for various roles in our finance office. You held several positions and gradually grew the level of your service to Lafayette. In 1995, you were named an accounting clerk. In 2003, you were promoted to hold your final position as assistant student accounts administrator.

A hardworking and dedicated colleague, you were always focused on completing the tasks to which you were assigned. Your commitment to effectively accomplishing your work was very appreciated by your colleagues.

Diane, please know that you are missed by your Lafayette colleagues. We are grateful for your service to the College. As a devoted member of your family, we know that you will be committed to serving them throughout your retirement. We hope that you will have the opportunity to watch many movies that you love during the coming years.

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  1. Barb Klessig says:

    She is one of the best displays of outstanding character! A real mentor and friend.

    Barb K.

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