Carolyn, we are so grateful that you accepted a position in Lafayette’s Recreation Services Department on September 13, 1999. As a dedicated member of this enjoyable aspect of the Lafayette College experience for two decades, you supported us in creating exercise-centered activities, ranging from instructional to competitive, which brought joy to our students. Your efforts helped us to foster physical, social, and emotional wellness within a safe environment. As coordinator of our intramural sports and clubs, you were an instrument for emphasizing and rewarding values such as sportsmanship, broad participation, and teamwork. Your service enabled Lafayette to offer our students opportunities to participate in their favorite type of competition or recreational sport, no matter what their level of ability.

Carolyn HillYour colleagues and our students truly value you. To them, you represent stability, warmth, consistency, vigilance, patience, teamwork, and a reliable resource. During your tenure at Lafayette, you were the outstanding teammate who knew exactly when to talk through a solution before acting and when to move without hesitation. No matter what your colleagues and our students needed or when they needed it, they could count on you to be there for them. Day in and day out, you were always there to support them.

To the Lafayette community, you were renowned for being an extraordinary mentor and for coaching our students to develop their leadership abilities. You brought an inspiring level of enthusiasm during your service to the College, motivating everyone around you to strive for progress within our individual clubs, intramural teams, and daily activities.

Rebecca Bender ’18, who served as one of your staff supervisors, celebrated the way in which your presence in her life created a pathway for her growth. “When I met her as a scared first-year student, Carolyn helped me find confidence within myself. She creates leaders because she leads by example and gives her staff an opportunity to follow her lead and to try to succeed on their own,” Rebecca said. “While working for her for three years, I’ve watched events change year by year, as Carolyn took her experienced knowledge and combined it with our input. When you work with Carolyn, your ideas never go unnoticed or unappreciated.”

Anyone who worked for or with you knew that you had the best intentions for your intramural and club sports. By providing a space to learn, you enabled everyone around you to be their most unique self, while also throwing their ideas into the mix.

We valued the way in which you collaborated with our students. During your role, you created an environment where students loved what they did, whether they were working or participating. Because you took your wisdom and used it to collaborate with our students, our intramural and club sports were enhanced year by year. Our students knew that when they worked with you, their ideas would never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Carolyn, please know that you are missed by your Lafayette colleagues. We are grateful for your service to the College. We hope you enjoy a wonderful retirement.

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