In recognition of ongoing interest in current social justice issues and anti-Black racism, Professors Wendy Wilson-Fall and Jeremy Zallen will create noon discussion sessions that will be open to the campus community for one course each. The discussion sessions will be connected to courses that deal with race and African American culture and/or history.  Professor Wilson-Fall will host open sessions for Black Experience (AFS 211), and Professor Zallen will host open sessions for HIST 119 Race and Ethnicity. Each of us will host two sessions. The four sessions will be Sept. 18, Sept. 25, Oct. 23, and Oct. 30.

We have agreed that these sessions, which will include our students, will be open to anyone in the  Lafayette community who registers beforehand and provides their Lafayette email address. They will also have access to the Moodle sites for each course, which will include readings and syllabi that they can download at their discretion. We expect our students to be present at these sessions, which will take place at noon on each selected day.

We welcome any interested visitors among staff, faculty, or students. This is a great way to see what students are learning on these topics and to pick up some fascinating background information. Those interested should email Nicole DiRado so that we can create a list and enroll you in the Spaces site.

Wendy Wilson-Fall
Associate Professor and Chair, Africana Studies

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