Mauricio Gomez LopezFall course: Calculus I

About my work: “I study matroid theory, an area of mathematics that provides a unified framework to understand both linear algebra and graph theory, and that reveals many surprising connections and analogies between these two fields.”

Recent moment of zen: “When I taught a discrete math course in the spring of 2019 at the University of Oregon, I had a computer science major who had flunked this course twice already. If he did not pass again, he would have been kicked out of the program. When I heard his story, I felt committed to helping him. He came every day to office hours, and each time he came, I could see his progress. His final exam was flawless, and he was one of the few who got an A+ on the test. A week later, he sent me a message to express his thanks and to tell me that this was the first time he had gotten a perfect score in any math test. It is precisely this type of experience that drives me to be a dedicated educator and makes me passionate about teaching.”

What I like about Easton so far? “One thing I like about Easton is that you can find many great restaurants in the downtown area. There is a lot of variety. I even found a Colombian restaurant close to my apartment! I also really like the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. It’s a wonderful place to go if you want to exercise or be close to nature.”

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