A spotted lanternfly on a green leafThe USDA will be on campus starting Monday to apply a spray pesticide for the treatment of spotted lanternflies. Several crews will treat multiple wooded areas both on and off campus in an effort to contain this year’s population and hinder next year’s. Spraying will be completed (weather permitting) by Saturday, Oct. 24.

Anyone in close proximity to the spraying is advised to wear their face covering and stay upwind whenever possible. The chemical used will be a pyrethoid (brand name Bifenthrin), which is a synthetic version of chrysanthemum oil extract. It is nontoxic but can cause minor eye and throat irritation to sensitive persons.

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  1. Diane Mast says:

    The Lantern Flies might die off with the spray, but USDA is very late in the season for treatment as they are about to die off due to cold temps. Unless you get rid of the Tree of Heaven that populates College Hill, these insects will continue infesting this area for years to come….at the expense of our indigenous tree growth. The Tree of Heaven is just as invasive as the Lantern Fly. dmm

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