The logo for Sparc Action with a star preceding the wordsAidan Wood ’21 and Ben Fuller ’21 founded an app start-up with some friends and other Lafayette students over the summer called SPARC Action. The goal is to provide student organizers in key swing states the tools to help register their friends and making voting fun with streaks, points, and leaderboards.

The app launched last week and is available to download for free on iPhone and Android.

SPARC Action is a voter mobilization app. It provides tools to help navigate the complexities of voting during this election cycle while making the process fun. The app also provides tools for student organizers to register their friends and encourage them to vote.

A logo with the Lafayette Leopard head in place of the letter oOrganizations that want to hold competitions among their members can use the Groups feature of SPARC to track member involvement on a leaderboard and vie with other groups in the region for the most points.

“We’re fighting voter suppression and giving students [a way] to exercise their voice in our democracy,” says Aidan. “The most powerful way to get someone to vote is for someone they know to bring them through the process. If you know that everyone in your social circle is voting, then you’re more likely to.”

“In a year when voting is more confusing and complicated than ever, we are providing the information that voters need to make their voices heard,” he adds.

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