Four Adirondack chairs on the Quad at Lafayette CollegeJoin the McKelvy House Scholars online on Sunday at 4 p.m. for a discussion led by Grayce Walker ’22 and Saide Singh ’23 on the college experience during a pandemic. Email the group for the Zoom link. Grayce and Saide provide this background:




  • How have institutions of higher education marketed the “college experience”?
  • Do you think colleges consider the safety of students when reopening colleges? Whose college experience is centered and why?
  • Do you think colleges take into account the individual circumstances of their marginalized students? If they do/say they do, is it performative?


  • What are the general categories/reasonings for why someone may or may not go back to campus?
  • How do you think the reopening is going to affect the students who are currently on campus?
  • What are the larger implications for Lafayette enlisting both Public Safety and the Easton Police Department to do more patrols?
  • What happens when students go back to campus for in-person classes and their professors decide on remote learning? When classes go remote in the middle of the semester?
  • What happens when somebody gets so sick that they can no longer attend classes?

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