A clock with astrology symbolsJoin the McKelvy House Scholars online on Sunday at 4 p.m. for a discussion led by Iyana Monae ’21 and Mario Sanchez ’21 about astrology. Email the group for the Zoom link.

The students provide this background:
Earlier in the semester, members of McKelvy got in a semi-heated debate about astrology and the legitimacy of horoscopes. We felt that it would be worthwhile to have a larger discussion on the matter, which is what we plan to do this Sunday. We’ll be diving deeper into astrology, its history, and its current value. As well as why some people believe in it and others don’t. If you could ask your parents for your time of birth before the discussion that’d be helpful, so you can have a more accurate reading, but if not that’s OK too.





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  • Is your sign actually accurate to your personality? The Times article says that the signs have shifted. Does that change how you view its accuracy?

  • Re: the Cosmopolitan article, does it matter if horoscopes aren’t real?

  • Astrology, astronomy, and personality tests are often discussed in the same conversation.  Do you trust one of these schools more? Why or why not?

  • What would it take to convince you that astrology is something that should be taken seriously? Or more generally, how do we determine something’s legitimacy?

  • Do you agree that astrology is a new religion? Should it be treated like religions are?

  • The LA Times article talks about how astrology has been capitalized in recent years. Does this change your opinion on it?

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