Eight-year-old Kaitlin Ahern speaks with then-Senator Barack Obama.Kaitlin Ahern ’23 can still remember being 8 years old and meeting then-Senator Obama on his presidential campaign trail. He gave her a piece of advice that has stuck with her ever since. He said that the “greatest thing about America is that anyone can make a difference in it.”

Now more than 12 years later, she is doing everything she can to make a difference in the 2020 election. In addition to being a full-time government & law and international affairs major, she spends five to seven hours per night working in politics. This year she is a campaign fellow for the Progressive Turnout PAC, a field fellow for the Congressional race in PA-08, and a voter roundtable contributor for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kaitlin Ahern sits at a desk with the United States Department State seal in frontKaitlin encourages other young people to become involved in the political process.

“Taking action is the only way we can ensure that everyone is represented in our government,” she says. “Participation is the most essential aspect of democracy, and my hope is that more young people use their voices as catalysts for change. This is our time, and this is our America.”

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