Lauren Herckis

Lauren Herckis

The Hanson Center for Inclusive STEM Education and LVAIC will host a lunchtime keynote lecture by Lauren Herckis, a Carnegie Mellon University anthropologist who studies faculty culture and the use of technology in higher education. “What Was Old is New: Using new technologies and modalities to support established pedagogies” will be at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 3, on Zoom.

Research shows that faculty prioritize students’ wellbeing, success, and engagement. At the same time, we are constantly juggling an array of factors to meet the obligations of our jobs, the dictates of our departments, and the needs of our students. What does the spring 2021 hold for faculty caught up in a maelstrom of uncertainty and unprecedented changes? Renewed confidence, new connections with students, and old pedagogies. We will explore what it means to teach with new modalities and new technologies in a world full of new realities, and how faculty ground ourselves in the pedagogies, practices, and approaches that cultivate learning, connection, growth, wellbeing, and joy.


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