Update: the message below emailed to students scheduled to move in Tuesday
(Monday, Feb. 1 – 3:54 p.m. ET)

At this point, student move-in on Tuesday, Feb. 2, will continue as scheduled. However, the weather forecast continues to indicate dangerous travel conditions. Pennsylvania and neighboring states have their own travel restrictions in place. If there is any possibility for you to reschedule your move-in date and time, we strongly advise that you do so by contacting Residence Life.

For those unable to reschedule their move-in, we will be staffed to process arrival COVID-19 tests and issue keys from noon to 7 p.m. tomorrow in Pfenning Alumni Center. We will only be processing students who have appointments or who have been in direct email communication with the Residence Life team and approved to arrive Tuesday. We will not be able to accommodate students who arrive without a confirmation. Rescheduled arrivals are available on Thursday and Friday. 

Regardless of appointment time, students without a negative pre-arrival Vault test will not be allowed to move in.

Please stay safe!

Office of Residence Life

Update posted Monday, Feb. 1 – 7:58 a.m. ET

LANta bus service and the College’s airport shuttle through Easton Coach have been canceled for Monday, Feb. 1.

Update: the message below was emailed to students scheduled to move in Monday
(Sunday, Jan. 31 – 6:34 p.m. ET)

Based on the increased severity of the predicted weather and dangerous travel conditions, move-in arrivals and COVID-19 testing in the Wilson Room of Pfenning Alumni Center scheduled for Monday have been postponed to Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Please reschedule your arrival date and time (link was available in the email). Students scheduled to move in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday who would like to reschedule can do so through the process shared previously by the Office of Residence Life. 

The size and scope of this storm may also impact Tuesday’s move-in arrivals, so rescheduling for later in the week is encouraged. We will make a decision regarding Tuesday’s move-in arrivals by 4 p.m. Monday. Rescheduling now affords the most flexibility with regard to your preferred date and time. 

Students with emergency situations forcing them to move in tomorrow should indicate through the scheduling link above.

Posted Sunday, Jan. 31 – 12:11 p.m. ET

Due to the severe weather forecast, the College’s administrative offices will be closed Monday, Feb. 1. The nature of some jobs requires essential staff members to be at their workplace despite weather conditions. Those working remotely and those normally working on campus but able to work remotely should do so unless family needs require their attention. 

Move-in arrivals and COVID-19 testing in the Wilson Room of Pfenning Alumni Center will continue for those with scheduled appointments who can safely keep them.

Interim classes will be held at the discretion of each professor. All virtual events will be held as scheduled. Check the College calendar for updates on specific events.

The city of Easton has declared a snow emergency, which includes parking restrictions on snow emergency routes. Even with the College’s snow-removal process, slippery and challenging conditions are expected on campus.

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