Do you know a student who is passionate about a research topic or project? Would they be interested in a paid six-week program where they would engage with digital tools and create a digital research project? The Digital Humanities Summer Scholars (DHSS) Program is seeking nominations for candidates for this year’s cohort and would love to hear from you.

Students will meet virtually for classes and labs multiple times weekly as a group to discuss readings and develop their research questions as well as attend workshops dedicated to learning digital tools including Gephi, TimelineJS, R, ArcGIS, etc. Students will present their projects during the summer and in the Fall.

Faculty nominations have greatly contributed to the success of the program. Email the name and contact information of the student(s) whom you would like to recommend to Angela Perkins, research and instruction librarian.

Prior to submitting an application, students must meet with Angela to discuss their research ideas and interests as well as their experience (if any) with digital humanities, digital scholarship, filmmaking, digital art, computer science, web design, etc. Students who wish to apply will be given application instructions after their interview.

DHSS program applications are due March 26. Funded through the Lafayette libraries, DHSS offers a $3,000 stipend for the program’s duration from May 31–July 9. It will be conducted via Zoom, but on-campus housing also will be covered for applicants who request it. However, the availability of on-campus housing is not guaranteed and is contingent on campus COVID-19 safety protocols. Applicants needing housing should note that on their application, and availability will be confirmed as soon as possible.

If you have questions or would like to contribute, contact Angela. Your help is truly appreciated.

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