Alex Hendrickson gives a talk at a Lafayette event.Chaplain Alex Hendrickson has been a source of kindness, empathy, and strength in our community. She is particularly adept at finding ways, big and small, to improve life on campus for its members. She welcomes people to join monthly Spirit Lunches for conversation and company, regardless of background and belief. She runs Interfaith Council, which brings students with an interest in a spiritual life together to share their traditions and plan joint events. In this role, she has also been an invaluable resource for religious groups on campus during the past year, guiding and supporting them. Her work with the Pard Pantry is particularly inspiring; through donations, it has provided food and personal items to students in need before the pandemic and during it. These are just some of many ways Chaplain Hendrickson has tended to the well-being of the Lafayette College community, and I’m deeply grateful for her many important contributions. —Ethan Berkove, professor of mathematics

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