The front of Scott Hall, a red brick building with white columns before the entranceThe Academic Resource Hub is open virtually for questions and consultation upon request Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. EST. In addition, the Hub remains committed to providing a full range of academic access and support programming to help on-campus and remote students. Tutoring and supplemental instruction programs are operating remotely. This is subject to revision if Operational Level 1 is maintained.

Tutoring and supplemental instruction

Individual tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), and mentored study groups (MSG) are available for most 100- and 200-level courses and specific classes/sections beyond the 200 level. All group schedules and individual tutor scheduling are available through Tutortrac. Learn how to schedule a tutoring appointment and more.

Accessibility services

Students with a classroom accommodations plan need to request that their letters be sent to their professors. The Hub will share letters directly with faculty via Google Drive.

Students with disabilities should contact their professors to discuss their disability, how it may interfere with their learning, and details of their accommodation plan.

Exam proctoring

This is available for those in-person classes and approved for accommodations that warrant a setting outside the classroom. Eligible students will receive a notification to complete the request surveys.

In addition, the Hub anticipates offering semi-proctored, distraction-reduced settings for eligible students living on campus to complete timed assessments related to an online class. Those eligible for this will be notified when details are finalized.

Learn more exam-proctoring services.

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