Thank you to the 600-plus sophomores who recently participated in the formal declaration of major process. This undertaking is facilitated by the Office of Advising and Co-Curricular Programs and represents an important step towards graduation by officially recognizing a student’s intended major(s) or providing the opportunity to select a new one.

Over the next few weeks, a list of all newly declared and confirmed majors will be shared with the Registrar’s Office and distributed to the department head/program chair of each major and program. The department head or designee will then assign a new faculty adviser within the major if necessary. Students who selected a double major will be assigned an adviser from both departments, while those pursuing a dual degree program (A.B./B.S. or B.S./B.S.) will be assigned a second adviser when their petition is approved. We expect this process to wrap up around the end of March. If you have questions about your new major in the meantime, you may contact the department heads for each area or Dean Selena.

If you did not complete the declaration of major process or changed your mind, contact the Office of Advising to inform us of your intentions as soon as possible. After March 19, students must complete a general petition in order to change or add a major. The petition should be signed by your current adviser as well as the department head/program chair of your intended major, then submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Failure to do so may result in a hold being placed on your account, which will prevent you from pre-registering for fall classes with the rest of the sophomores. Please do not hesitate to contact Dean Selena if you are having difficulty in determining your preferred major/majors. He can help you to develop a plan to facilitate your major decision.

Office of Advising and Co-curricular Programs

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