A poster with a person having a crescent moon and star on his face with fingers covering his mouthIn late 2018, aerial images revealed the existence of internment camps in Xinjiang, China. Reports were emerging of forced labor of the Uyghur populations in Xinjiang and around China. While the Chinese Communist Party has framed such camps as re-education centers for Uyghur Muslims necessary to combat extremism in the region, there are increasing reports alleging human rights violations in the region.

Join ISA on Friday at 5 p.m. for a nuanced conversation with Rushan AbbasJulie MillsapMustafa Aksu, and Professor Il Hyun Cho. This talk aims to uncover the history of the region, explore the current crisis, and discuss how different nation-states, international institutions, and international organizations are confronting alleged violations. Register.

XPosed is a new ISA series that covers a major crisis/situation taking place in the world by bringing in a panel of experts and/or academics together for a high-quality and nuanced discussion.

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