A dachshund laying in a red dog bed next to a toy avocado plushWhen most of the College’s faculty and staff pivoted switched to working from home a year ago, our pets—affectionately known as the Pets of Lafayette—were thrilled. Many of us began switching roles, and we were the ones following them around the house. Plus, we all found out what it was like to have therapy animals available to us around the clock. A year on, however, we humans are trying not to take it too personally that our dogs and cats get up and move every time we enter a room. Perhaps it’s because we started dressing them up for fun, or because we threatened to report them to HR for doing their business on our nicest carpets. For those of us still working from home, the Pets of Lafayette are our true unsung heroes. Our furry friends no longer caring that we’re at home does a lot to keep us humble in these trying times. —Dr. John Doolittle, veterinary specialist, Bailey Health Center

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