Meatballs, basil leaves, a dish of red sauce, and a dish of perhaps a condiment on a tableWe are excited to announce a new Farm to Fork Partner and beef vendor, Happy Valley Meat Company. They work to provide chefs access to ethically raised meat from local small-scale family farmers who want to supply consumers in urban areas, but lack the time and resources to move all cuts of an animal. Lafayette is Happy Valley’s first higher education partner. Look for it in cafes across campus.

Beandan Duff and a Dining Services colleague together hold up his new white executive chef uniformUpper Farinon welcomes Breandan Duff as new executive chef. Breandan has been with Dining Services for seven years. He started as line cook at Upper, then moved to Marquis as a sous chef. We are always glad to hire within our Lafayette family. One of his favorite things to make is a smoked scallop bisque, which is nice to have all year round in the Northeast.

A pile of white Eco-clamshell food containers on a table next to a couple of informational signs and another food container, all on a red tableclothLooking for a more sustainable dining experience? Take advantage of our eco-clamshell program. Purchase your reusable container from a cashier at Upper or Marquis for $5. Fill your eco-clamshell with your meal and enjoy it on the go. Rinse your container after use and then return to the cafe on your next visit. You’ll receive a clean eco-clamshell to use immediately or a globe keychain that can be exchanged for a clean eco-clamshell at a later date.

An illustration of a spoon and fork and the words Transact Mobile Ordering in white on a red backgroundWhen using the Transact mobile ordering app, remember to double-check your payment method. The app only allows for one meal swipe per transaction, and anything above the meal swipe price will automatically pull from Pard dollars.

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