What is the dining format? The Trolley Stop is a sit-down, full-service, dine-in-only space with no plexiglass around the tables. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are opening at a limited guest capacity.

Do I need to wear a mask? We respectfully ask that all guests wear a mask until they have been seated at their table. Please continue to wear your mask if you are moving throughout the building. Our service staff will be fully masked at all times.

What safety measures are your employees taking? The safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority. We will adjust plans based on current phases and CDC recommendations. The Trolley Stop will work with COVID-19 operational guidelines and with the Easton Board of Health. This includes disinfection, use of personal protective equipment, physical distancing protocols, employee health screening, and weekly COVID-19 testing.

What are the hours? Monday-Friday with reservations only at 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m., and 5 p.m.

Where is it located? 201 S. McCartney Street, the ground floor of the McCartney Street Residences.

Is the diner open to the campus community and general public? Not at this time. We are only open to student group reservations through May 24. Groups must have a minimum of four guests. There are 10 tables, each able to seat four customers, so the maximum reservation is 40 people assuming all tables are available during the desired timeslot. All tables have social distancing.

What is a student group? This is defined as an athletic team, residential cohort, student club, and/or Greek organization. For example, the women’s softball team can reserve the time for lunch or an RA from Gates can block a time for their floor for dinner.

Is takeout available? Not at this time.

Can we just walk over and expect to be seated? Not at this time.

How do you make reservations? Contact Scheduling and Events Planning. Please include your organization, contact name, telephone number, guest count, and preferred dining time.

Can I pay with a meal swipe? Yes. Pard Dollars, cash, credit, and debit also are accepted.

Can a student group pay for everyone? Yes. An organization paying for an entire group will need an account number.

What dietary restrictions do you accommodate? The same you encounter in other Lafayette dining locations. For specific dietary concerns or allergies,  contact chef Jaimie Inzillo.

Is breakfast available all day? Yes.

Can I bring in my own food or drinks? No.

Can I use the Transact Mobile App for the diner? Not at this time.

Where can I view the menu? Visit lafayette.cafebonappetit.com. The student menu also will be sent with your reservation confirmation.

Will the Trolley Stop use local ingredients? Yes. The diner will have numerous ingredients from our 15-plus local partners.

Where do I park? On-street parking is available.

Why the name Trolley Stop? Alum and eventual Easton mayor David Nevin opened the city’s first electric trolley in 1888 with tracks running down College Hill. Easton was the third city in the United States—after Scranton and Baltimore—to get an electric trolley system. At a 2019 Lafayette men’s basketball game, President Byerly and Chris Brown, general manager for Dining Services, were discussing possible names for the new space. President Byerly mentioned the old Easton trolley system, and the rest is history.

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