Amir Tejani is dressed in costume as the Marquis de Lafayette and stands with two students for the photo.Amir Tejani, special assistant to the president for strategic planning and implementation, has put in an enormous amount of time, energy, and late-night Zoom calls to help navigate what it means to pivot, on all fronts, as an institution of higher education this past year.

When in doubt, it seemed that the answer was (and still is) to “call Amir.” He has an extensive understanding of all the moving parts related to the College’s strategy, policies, and procedures for COVID-19 protocols including remote learning on the student front as well as working/teaching remotely for staff and faculty. Amir was invaluable for many of us in the past year as new COVID-19 policies and procedures were established. Having someone who knew what questions to ask, which Lafayette community members to gather to find the answers, and the ability to “keep it light” with great Zoom backgrounds (including hats!) was instrumental for many people around campus. While it’s hard to find the right solution for all people all the time, Amir continues to work toward solutions that benefit the entire Lafayette community.

No matter the number of pivots or Zoom calls or COVID-19 cases, Amir does the work with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, and in some cases actual fun! Who knew that a two-hour meeting on a Thursday evening during a worldwide pandemic could be fun! That in part is thanks to Amir’s dedication and charisma, even through the tough stuff.

—The Spring Work Flow Group

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