Sami Teresia sits in a chair with a bookshelf behind her.By Swati Pandey ’23

A double major in computer science and economics, Sami Teresia ’23 will work this summer as a data analyst at Facebook. In addition to landing this coveted opportunity, Sami had offers from Duolingo, Girls Who Invest, and Credit Suisse.

“I’d say it is my authenticity that separated me from the rest of the applicant pool,” she says. “It was my passion and dedication beyond the superficial search for a job that I was able to convey to my interviewers, and that perhaps the interviewers are capable of seeing without any conveyance at all.”

Sami has always been an individual with a vision and inquisitive nature.

“The most important advice that I can give to anyone is to ask questions,” she says. “Be it to your professors, seniors, friends, and most importantly to yourself, one should always be motivated to ask the relevant questions, because it is only then that we will get reasonable answers.”

Sami has come to cherish many things during her time at Lafayette, like the sun setting on the other side of Rockwell’s glass walls, interactions with professors, moments spent collecting wisdom from seniors, and memories with her “friends from RISC.”

And her second most important advice?

“Start early! It helps. Reach out to your professors and talk to your peers. Opportunities may be waiting for you in any room or even in the corridors. Make sure to knock early on, to walk early on.”

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