The Dean of Students Office has launched a task force to build on the spirit of the Student Government Greek Life Committee’s Resolution for the Prioritization of Campus Community Development. Led by Brian Samble, dean of students, the group will include Vanessa Pearson, director of student involvement; Karina Fuentes, assistant director of intercultural development; Caroline Burns ’22; Flor Caceres ’22; Gillian MacDonald ’22; and Maria Padilla ’22. 

The task force will convene in May and meet throughout the summer. Various campus organizations might expect outreach from the task force as it seeks to engage key stakeholders in solution-focused conversations resulting in action that will enhance aspects of campus life in the near term. Progress and outcomes of the task force will be communicated by Dean Samble over the summer.

Dean’s Task Force on Campus Community Development

Members of the Campus Life Division stand ready to work alongside students to advance the vision of a more inclusive, equitable, and vibrant community as articulated in the Student Government Resolution for the Prioritization of Campus Community Development. The Dean’s Task Force on Campus Community Development has been charged to listen and respond to concerns from various campus constituents on issues that directly pertain to the offices within the Campus Life Division and to move forward those items within our purview that will create a more equitable and inclusive social environment. Action steps may include:

  • Repurpose the lower level of Farinon (old College Store space) to meet student needs.
  • Create new living and learning communities or thematic housing options that continue to mirror evolving student interests.
  • Enhance orientation and post-orientation programmatic offerings that will foster a greater sense of belonging to Lafayette, advance inclusion initiatives and promote a culture of respect, and work with students to create a safer campus and further efforts to prevent sexual misconduct.
  • Establish a communication link with various student groups for them to be heard and receive a response in the form of immediate, short-term action steps and long-term strategic recommendations that impact Campus Life offices. 

This task force will continue to review existing qualitative and quantitative sources, engage students in conversation who represent a diverse array of experiences and special interests, and set meaningful and attainable objectives to enhance the student experience in the short term and offer recommendations on goals to be pursued within the context of any future College-wide strategic planning activities. This task force will conclude its charge by presenting its action steps for fall 2021 along with future recommendations at a summit for students.

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