As we approach the end of the semester, and specifically Commencement, we remind you that any event or program must follow the College’s Campus Operational Levels. As mentioned in the message from VP Diorio and Dr. Goldstein, we will most likely stay in Operational Level 1 through the end of the semester. As you consider planning any year-end events, keep the following in mind:

  • Restrictions in Operational Level 1 on the size of events apply to student-sponsored and supervised activities. Faculty or staff planning events for students are responsible for ensuring there are appropriate mitigation practices in place.
  • Indoor events remain restricted to 45% of the maximum room capacity. Outdoor gatherings are preferred. Only students, faculty, and staff are permitted to attend campus events.
  • Catering services are unavailable as dining personnel is focused on providing food to our board students. Sit-down meals remain discouraged beyond those provided to students through the dining halls.
  • Commencement is a large-scale event and therefore not subject to the loosening of restrictions noted in the current CDC guidance and message from VP Diorio and Dr. Goldstein. Each graduate is permitted up to two guests at Commencement. Masks must be worn at all times by all attendees.
  • During Commencement weekend, events mixing students, faculty, staff, and external guests are not permitted. 

While it is not expected, a variety of factors could lead to event cancellation, e..g, a large increase in COVID-19 cases on campus or in the local community, a change in restrictions from the state, an inability to staff all events requested. Please plan ahead and know that we appreciate your continued flexibility.

If have event-scheduling questions, contact Teri Richter.

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