The Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges wants to hear from you!

The past pandemic year has altered our experience of pretty much everything. And while we are hopeful that we will soon put it behind us, we know that the future also will be different.

Faculty and administrators have been getting our own sense of what teaching and learning might be like down the road, but that’s not the full picture. Please consider sharing your experiences of learning online during the pandemic and your expectations for the future of your educational journeys.

A few notes on the survey:
• It takes 5-10 minutes.
• Your responses are completely anonymous; we will not collect any identifying information.
• Data from responses will be analyzed as part of a multi-college effort in the Lehigh Valley to better understand the collective student perspective.

Questions? Feel free to contact David Castaneda, project manager for online programs at Moravian College, or Dean Selena.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Chris Selena
Associate dean of academic advising and co-curricular programs

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