If you want to bring a motor vehicle to the College next school year, you must submit a parking registration request. Registration will be open May 17 at 8 a.m. through June 27 at midnight. If your request is approved, we will bill your account $225 a semester after Aug. 2.

Do not bring a motor vehicle to campus unless Public Safety has approved your request for 2021-22. You’ll receive an email about the status of your request. This is a separate email from the automatic reply sent after you successfully submit your request.

Due to Markle Deck renovations, student on-campus parking will be limited. Seniors and juniors who register prior to June 27 will receive priority consideration. After June 27, your class year will not be taken into consideration.

We do not anticipate being able to offer on-campus parking to sophomores and first-year students. Students who live on campus are not permitted to receive City of Easton residential parking permits. Given this information, students who do not have the appropriate parking permit are not permitted to bring a car to campus.

By submitting a registration request, you agree to abide by the College’s motor vehicle regulations and hold Lafayette free of all liability for damage or loss to the vehicle you are registering and any of its contents except that caused by College equipment under the direct control of Lafayette and its agents and employees.

Off-campus students
Students living in college-owned or privately owned off-campus housing must register their motor vehicle online with the Department of Public Safety. You must pick up the LC sticker at Public Safety and display it on your vehicle.

In addition, you also must register in person at the Easton Police Department’s Traffic Division for a residential parking permit. Public Safety will provide a list of all registered off-campus students to the Traffic Division. You won’t receive an Easton parking permit unless your name is on this list.

This does not apply to students living in McCartney North and South, who are considered on campus and must park on campus.

Study abroad students
If you will attend Lafayette for the fall semester, please register online starting May 17.

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