Sheryl Riddlestorffer smiles.Sheryl, Lafayette is very fortunate that someone as cordial as you chose to join our admissions and financial aid team on March 14, 2011. During your decade-long tenure as office manager for this critically important division of the College, you have been renowned for your heartwarming efforts to make others feel welcome at Lafayette. The greetings and guidance that you have offered and events that you have planned for potential students and their family members have aided us in recruiting the best students. Your affectionate greetings to incoming members of our admissions team have helped them to feel welcome and have affirmed their choice to launch or continue their career on College Hill.

“As our office manager, with her desk right inside the front door of the Admissions Office, Sheryl has been constantly involved in the hub of admissions activities,” said Greg MacDonald, vice president for enrollment management. “She thrived in the fast-paced environment in which we receive thousands of guests on campus every year. The thing that I will always remember about Sheryl is her very pleasant demeanor in making everyone who came in contact with her feel valued and special.”

Greg noted that you have been a catalyst in recruiting Lafayette’s Marquis Fellows and Scholars. In collaboration with our faculty, you have enabled our admissions team to define the best students among our applicants. He noted that the Marquis Dynamic Assessment process and how we select our Marquis Fellows and our Marquis Scholars, with students flying into these events from around the country and across the world, take an immense amount of logistical organization, which you have led. You were recognized in 2013 with the Leopard Award, which is bestowed to recognize exceptional contributions that support, plant operations, and public safety staff make to Lafayette.

 You also have been renowned for making all of your colleagues, regardless of their years of tenure, feel valued. You were tasked with onboarding new staff within admissions and financial aid. A role model for your peers, you did a lot of coaching and have been a very good role model for your colleagues.

Forrest Stuart, assistant vice president for financial aid, said, “My wife and I have never had such a smooth transition as we experienced moving from Greenville, South Carolina, to Easton, Pennsylvania. Sheryl took us under her wing in matters more than employment. She took us around to see places to live and eat, she gave us great advice about how to dress for the winter, and she has become part of our family. She continues to be a source of advice and information about work-related questions and general living in this area.”

Greg mentioned that your devotion to your colleagues has been evident during the pandemic. “In the early day of COVID, Sheryl sent a daily message to the entire division, very uplifting and inspirational words,” he said. “She put a lot of time and effort into that during a really uncertain time for many people. That kind of grew in importance. People were actually asking to be included in this. I think that will be a lasting legacy, as Sheryl was able to lift others’ hearts up.”

Sheryl, your talents and heartwarming dedication to the members of the Lafayette community are treasured. Please know that you will be missed. We hope you enjoy your retirement.

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