Adele Loigu smiles.Adele, Alumni Relations was very fortunate to welcome someone as dedicated and talented as you to our campus community when you accepted the position of office assistant in the Office of Alumni Relations during the summer of 2013. Throughout your tenure at Lafayette, you were dedicated in serving the members of your division. As a member of a college community committed to preserving and enjoying relationships with our alumni and our students and their family members, you have been so helpful in enabling Lafayette to fulfill that commitment.

As she announced your retirement, Rachel Nelson Moeller ’88 P’21, executive director of alumni relations, celebrated the fact that you were an outstanding champion for customer service. “Adele is often the first person our alumni and parents encounter when they call or email. Her dedication to supporting them has great influence on their overall opinion of Lafayette. She patiently fields all sorts of questions and is a calming voice to those who express dissatisfaction and disappointment about any number of topics,” Rachel wrote. “Her service and support are not only directed to our external community but to her campus colleagues as well. Adele is always the first person to raise her hand to help, even if it is a task that is totally unfamiliar to her. Adele’s proofreading skills have been essential to all Alumni Relations communications and have earned her the department nickname of ‘Eagle Eye Adele.’”

Chris Conn Tomik ’03, senior associate director of alumni relations, noted that you were recognized with the Leopard Award in 2016. The Leopard Award is presented to members of the support, plant operations, and public safety staff who have made an exceptional contribution to the College by working on a special project or event, or providing some type of extraordinary service beyond their normal job responsibilities.

“In 2016, Adele’s workload was increased with the addition of supporting Parent Relations. She took on the tasks of answering parent phone calls and providing the secretarial support for parent events, such as Parent Orientation and Family Weekend, as well as doing what is needed for parent publications,” Chris said. “That year, Adele managed all of these new tasks while also handling all of the duties related to Homecoming, which fell only one week after Family Weekend. Both are very large, demanding events with multiple parts, and she was diligent in completing everything that was needed on time. Adele accepted these new duties with a positive attitude and a desire to learn the new aspects of all of them. She has always striven for perfection. She not only accepted the additional responsibilities for Parent Relations with no complaint, but she has looked for ways to be as helpful as possible.”

Adele, your dedication to your colleagues and Lafayette were valued. Please know that you are missed. We hope that you are enjoying your retirement.

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