A photo of director Alfred Hitchcok on a 44-cent postage stampFAMS 120: Hitchcock is a great introductory course for anyone looking for a humanities option as part of their Common Courses of Study. It started Monday, but you can still register by emailing Andy Smith. The course description:

This introductory course examines the work of Alfred Hitchcock, one of cinema’s most recognizable and impactful filmmakers. Known as the “master of suspense,” Hitchcock was fascinated by sex, deviance, crime, obsession, power, terror, mystery, and the macabre. His career offers numerous unforgettable films and an effective way to begin studying film as an art form. The titles are legend: Psycho, Vertigo, Rear Window, Rope, North By Northwest, The Birds, Strangers on a Train, Notorious. Besides the films, we’ll also dip into Hitchcock’s wildly successful work in television. We will adopt useful critical frameworks through which to read Hitchcock’s work, and we will practice examining film and media closely, as complex, sometimes contradictory, and always supremely manipulative art forms. No prerequisites. CCS Humanities course.

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