Kimberly Manalang dances in front of a door in her music video.When I worked as a senior interviewer for admissions, my favorite question to ask was “What is your most embarrassing moment that you are most proud of?” I think mine is the release of my Baccalaureate video “Never Really Over.” I poured a lot of work, time, and effort into not just my but my friends’ efforts to help me execute the video. I had to do my very best. I was slightly embarrassed when people I knew were texting me that they saw it because I was singing (not many people knew I could), lip syncing, and dancing horribly, but also my parents were commenting how they loved the video. I was really happy I did it despite being embarrassed. Would I do it again? 100%, no regrets. I want to look back in 10 years, watch this video, and remember my time at Lafayette. —Kimberly Mae Manalang ’21

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