It will take place on Wednesday at 9 a.m. and should last about 30 minutes. Entrances to campus buildings will be locked briefly. Anyone still may exit any building at any time.

Those signed for the Leopard Alert Emergency Alert Service will a text and/or email that the drill has begun. In addition, the outdoor siren/PA system will be used.

During the drill, entrances to campus buildings will be locked by central electronic control, Facilities Operations staff, and, in some cases, building occupants. Public Safety will give notice of the drill’s conclusion via text/email alert and the siren/PA system.

In the event of an actual emergency—such as an active threat on or near the campus—requiring campus buildings to be locked down and members of the campus community to shelter in place, instructions on the actions to take would be communicated via text/email alert and siren/PA system, including the area(s) of campus to avoid.

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