More than 400 students have been awarded Federal Work-Study/Campus Job Eligibility for the fall semester. Currently, there are a bit more than 50 job openings for them. Please send your openings as soon as possible to Cathy Shankweiler so she can post them in the Handshake online job vault. Include the following information for each position:

  • Job title
  • Campus division and/or location
  • Job description
  • Desired skills and/or additional qualifications (if applicable)
  • Hours per week (can be a set number or varies)
  • Required work schedule (if applicable)
  • Required start date (if applicable)
  • How many students do you expect to hire?
  • Paid or unpaid?
  • Can this job be done remotely?
  • Posting date (when the post will be visible to students)
  • Expiration date (when the post will no longer be visible to students)
  • Instructions for how to apply

Usually, students are asked to contact the department supervisor directly. Applicants can email an application and/or a cover letter/resume to a supervisor’s email address, or the post can direct them to a Qualtrics link, Google Doc, or another website.

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