The Leopard mascot wearing a hardhat and construction vest alongside the words Pardon Our DustWork will begin on Monday:

  1. Replacement of lighting in 12 buildings along with exterior lights around campus with new LED lighting (either new fixtures or bulb replacements). The decorative exterior lights will involve a bulb replacement, so the style of each lamp post will not change. Residence halls will be completed over the winter break.
  2. Installation of 14 smart meters in various buildings to improve data collection and energy management. The new meters and system platform will improve demand response capabilities.

More project benefits

  1. Significant light-level improvements in these buildings along with campus site lighting. For example, Pardee Hall is an extremely dark building and will benefit greatly.
  2. Annual reduction in GHG emissions of 633 MT CO2 along with an annual reduction of 895,100 kWh of electricity.
  3. Estimated annual savings after year five are $78,823.
  4. Consistent light levels due to the longevity of the LED fixtures.

Lighting replacement for these buildings will take place in August: Hogg Hall, Kirby Hall of Civil Rights, Markle Hall, Marquis Hall (ground floor), Pardee Hall, Van Wickle Hall, and Williams Center for the Arts.

Most of the upgrades involve a bulb replacement or a minor retrofit kit. The disruption in each space (office or classroom) is minimal.

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