Jennifer Galdieri plays the drums on stage at Lafchella.My favorite Lafayette memory so far has to be Lafchella, the music festival sponsored by LIMS and LAF. I performed with my band, the Womansplainers (me on drums, Katie Rice on vocals, Sasha Neefe on guitar, Liz Scinto on piano, and Quintin Sefton on bass). It was a bright, spring day, and I remember walking up onto the stage feeling energy and excitement coursing through my veins. This was my first live performance since the COVID-19 pandemic hit; we opened with “Talk Too Much” by COIN and closed with “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne. It was thrilling to share my passion for playing the drums on a professional stage with a Quad full of Lafayette students. I will cherish this memory forever and hope to create more amazing memories in the next two years. —Jennifer Galdieri ’23

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