The cover of The Dog Who Danced, a rear view of a woman putting her right around around her dog as they face the sunsetThis novel by Susan Wilson is the story of a much-loved sheltie named Mack who goes astray, the efforts of his distraught owner to find him, and the sweet and smart dog’s new life with the bereaved couple who take him in. Mack settles in and enchants his new people with snippets of the dance routines that made him and Justine local social media stars. While Mack adjusts to his new life and gradually trains his new family, Justine continues to search for him and realizes that she is not as alone as she had believed. Mack’s new family comes to terms with their daughter’s tragic death and begin to heal with the help of the bossy, loving sheltie they rename Buddy. Eventually, with the help of his old Youtube clips, Mack/Buddy is recognized and reunited with Justine; his new family eventually fills the void he left by adopting another sheltie. I loved this book because I’ve been owned by several opinionated collies, and who doesn’t love a lost-dog-finds-his-way-home-after-mending-broken-hearts story? —Jayne Trent, secretary, Math Departmentent

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