1. ($7.25/hr.) Elementary or non-active assignment that requires little effort, such as attendant or monitor.
  2. ($7.50/hr.) Non-skilled work such as moving furniture or other materials, stacking books, or simple office work. Generally tasks that require little or no skill, training, or experience.
  3. ($7.70/hr.) Moderately difficult work requiring some skill or experience. Examples include technical lab work, computer data entry, skillful typing.
  4. ($8.00/hr.) Difficult work requiring substantial technical knowledge or other skill. Examples include difficult lab tasks, computer programming, complex office procedures, and some other demanding tasks.
  5. ($8.20/hr. and up) Assignments involving extraordinary tasks, skills, or conditions that deserve special attention.

Federal work study students must be paid the federally mandated minimum hourly rate as outlined above and cannot be paid a flat rate of pay/stipend. Federal regulations require being able to document an hourly wage rate. The rate of pay is established at the time the position is offered and the student accepts the position. The hiring supervisor will provide the pay rate to Payroll for onboarding the student. All time will be maintained using the College’s electronic timesheet software. Students are responsible for recording time and supervisors are expected to submit timesheet approvals in accordance with the payroll calendar. If you have questions about paying federal work study students, or any other student payroll issues, email payroll@lafayette.edu.

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