The cover of Stephen King's book The Shining with a drawing of a wasp on itIn times of great isolation (such as the current state of our campus) the human brain can play tricks on itself. This is highlighted by the words of Stephen King in his 1977 book The Shining. In this novel a family moves to the remote Colorado Rockies so that the father (Jack Torrance) can start a new job working as a caretaker for a hotel that’s closed and completely isolated from the outside world for six months of the year. There are twists and turns around every hotel corridor along with hidden secrets that will possess you to keep reading on as King’s words cause panic and uneasiness with every turn of the page. Although there is far more to this story than just isolation, The Shining serves as a subtle reminder to not isolate yourself and to call or text your friends, family, and classmates. —Charles Kelshaw ’24

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