Welcome the staff and faculty who recently joined the Lafayette community. Full-time employees are designated with an asterisk.

Academic division
Tyler Adkins, visiting part-time instructor of anthropology and sociology, Aug. 30
William Barlow, visiting part-time instructor of civil and environmental engineering, Aug. 30
Heidi Bartlett, Provost’s Office, Sept. 13
Kevin Chen, Provost’s Office, Aug. 20
Elizabeth Crane, visiting part-time instructor of anthropology and sociology, Aug. 30
Krystal DiFronzo, visiting part-time instructor of art/printmaking, Aug. 30
Michael Fiorot, libraries, Sept. 10
Brian Flatley, forensics, Sept. 10
Heather Harper, Provost’s Office, Aug. 17
Holly-anne Newton, Sept. 7
Corey Shiner, Provost’s Office, Aug. 9

Jeremy Brown, director of men’s basketball operations, Aug. 23

Campus Life
*Daniel Gardner, coordinator of aquatics and recreational programs, Sept. 20
*Carl Skinner, dispatcher, Public Safety, Sept. 20
Zena Ebrahim, Aug. 19
Colton Greiss, Aug. 9
Vivian Mui, Aug. 19
Diana Ward, Aug. 30

Grace Royer, Aug. 16
Noah Sparandeo, Aug. 16

Development and Community Relations
Susan Domagalski, recruiting assistant, Gateway Career Center, Sept. 20

Finance and Administration
Bernard Comacho, Aug. 16
Austin Wildes, Aug. 16

Information Technology Services
*Zepu Chen, information security analyst, Sept. 20

Investment Office
*Charmaine Grossane, investment operations manager, Sept. 20

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