Cover of The Dead Zone by Stephen King, with half a person's face and part of a circular metal object with numbers on itThe Dead Zone was not an overly suspenseful story, but man, for someone who survived 2016 (RIP Harambe) and 2020, this story was years ahead of its time. When it was over, I remember thinking, “How could this book have been written in 1979? When it is so close to what politics would become in 2016?” 

Overall, this is an excellent book. Historically, it really envisions today’s political world, and I must say that Stephen King really hit it on the head. It won’t be the last time we elect a Greg Stillson. This book is one I would recommend immediately to a curious King reader. Beyond the fact that it pertains to current events, it is an excellent character development story and isn’t as overly scary/terrifying as his other books. It’s much more mellow, which I believe a casual reader would enjoy. —John Sabino, video production manager for Athletic Communications.

Read the full review on John’s blog, A Reader’s Overlook.

This book is available through interlibrary loan.

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