Exterior view of Bradbury Sullivan LGBT Community CenterBradbury Sullivan LGBT Community Center staff will discuss the intersections of the pandemic and its impact on LGBTQIA+ persons via Zoom on Friday at noon. This is the final event sponsored by Gender & Sexuality Programs for LGBTQIA+ History Month.

As COVID-19 continues sweeping the world, hundreds of millions of people have contracted the virus, and every community has been affected. The LGBTQIA+ community in the U.S.—along with many communities around the globe—faces unique challenges due to its economic and health care situations.

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center provides an inclusive space for the Lehigh Valley’s LGBTQIA+ residents, featuring LGBTQIA+ programs in arts and culture, health, and for youth after school. The center ensures critical supportive services are provided and engages in advocacy. It also organizes the region’s annual Pride festival and pursues equity through its Training Institute.

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