The athletics logo with the illustration of a leopard's head and the maroon Lafayette letter LAs you make plans to enjoy the Rivalry football game  on Saturday, please note the following:

Game time. The game begins at noon. Please arrive up to 30 minutes early to allow for heavy foot traffic and bag checks at the entrance. Once inside Goodman Stadium, spectators will not be permitted to leave and re-enter (including halftime). Bags larger than 12” x 12” x 10” are not permitted in the stadium. Please note the alcohol section below.

Tickets. Tickets are still available through Lehigh University’s athletic ticket office (student tickets | general public tickets).

Watching elsewhere. Fans without tickets can watch the Lafayette Sports Network’s broadcast of the game on RCN-1004, WBPH-60, ESPN+, MASN2, NBC Sports Network Chicago, and NBC Sports Network Bay Area.

Bus. Students must have a game ticket and ID to board. Please have both ready to display so people can board quickly.

Staying off the field. Spectators are not permitted to enter the playing field at any time.

Behavioral expectations and consequences. Fans are encouraged to support the football team by cheering in a spirit of good sportsmanship. Anyone who behaves in a disruptive manner will face severe disciplinary action, which may include suspension from the College and/or criminal arrest. 

Tailgating. Lehigh policy requires that all tailgates for groups of 30 or more individuals be registered. All tailgate spaces have been reserved. The tailgate area will open at 10:30 a.m. and be closed by 12:30 p.m.

Alcohol. No one will be allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into Goodman Stadium. Visibly intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter. All spectators will be screened and/or searched at the entrance. Lehigh University alcohol policy and state law will be enforced on and around the campus. Sobriety checkpoints will be set up on roadways in the area of Goodman Stadium.

Non-students violating any of the above rules may be ejected and subject to civil or criminal prosecution. 

Living groups are responsible for the actions of their members.

Your cooperation is requested and expected to make this year’s game safe and enjoyable.

Go Leopards!

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