Dear Lafayette Parents and Families:

I have found tremendous joy in meeting many of you and your students during my first five months as Lafayette’s 18th president. The intellectual curiosity, creativity, athleticism, and enthusiasm for doing the hard work among our student body all are palpable as I walk about the campus. My family and I are grateful for the warm welcome we have received from so many of you, and we are proud to be part of such a robust community of high-achieving learners and alumni.

Let me also say that I hope this note finds you safe and well. Aside from vaccination and indoor masking requirements, and one short-lived spike in COVID-19 cases, we are pleased that so far we have held a semester that largely matches the educational experience of pre-COVID times. Thank you for reminding your students to take appropriate precautions and comply with campus safety protocols. As I said at the launch of the academic year, I truly believe we are stronger and safer together.

The primary purpose of this letter is to inform you of the tuition increase for the 2022-23 academic year. As with most things in life, context is key. In this case, the context includes having eliminated the planned tuition increase for 2020-21, as well as offering a 10% tuition reduction that year for students who studied remotely. And even after a 2.5% increase for the 2021-22 school year, the current total cost of attendance is lower than what was originally announced for 2020-21, prior to the arrival of COVID-19.

For next year, we have adopted a 4% tuition increase, to $58,110. When combined with charges for room and board and student fees, the total cost of attendance will be $75,954.

Here is the breakdown for next year’s total costs:

  • Tuition: $58,110
  • Room: $10,720 (standard building double occupancy) 
  • Board: $6,616 (20-meal plan)
  • Student Activity Fee: $342
  • Student Technology Fee: $166

As the parent of two currently enrolled college students, I understand the level of commitment and sacrifice that you are making. I also fully appreciate the commensurate expectations you have of Lafayette to help prepare your student for an inspiring life and successful career. On behalf of our faculty and staff — and with the engagement of the countless alumni who serve as mentors and provide experiential learning opportunities for our students — I promise you that we will endeavor earnestly to generate a return on your investment that exceeds expectations!  

Again, thank you for the incredibly warm welcome and your support of Lafayette.

President Nicole Farmer Hurd

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