The LCAT shuttle began an expanded schedule service on Monday to better serve those parking below College Hill due to the Markle Parking Deck project. The Bushkill shuttle operates 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., leaving the lot at 901 Bushkill Drive every 15 minutes with the exception of a driver break from 10:30-11 a.m. It stops at the Williams Center for the Arts, Marquis Hall (dropoff only), and the Leopard Parking Deck before returning to the lot on Bushkill Drive. On Jan. 21, the shuttle service will begin at 5 a.m. to accommodate Dining Services employees. See the schedules for Jan. 10-20 and the spring semester.

Employees who arrive on campus and are unable to find a parking space in their assigned lot can utilize the shuttle service from the Bushkill Drive parking lot. We appreciate the patience and flexibility of the community as the Markle Deck construction continues and look forward to the new parking and Admissions welcome area when complete.

The Arts Campus shuttle begins service Jan. 24 from outside the Farinon Center at Clinton Terrace and McCartney Street. It has stops at 248 N. 3rd Street (by Snyder Street) and the Leopard Parking Deck before finishing its loop. It also stops intermittently at Hamilton Street and the Bushkill Parking Lot.

Learn more about LCAT, including the shuttle schedule and online tracker.

In addition, LANta bus route 214 has stops along Cattell Street and the corner of N. 3rd Street and Bushkill Drive. The bus is free when you scan your College ID and features an app and a live tracker.

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