These Grams need no introduction—but we gave you one anyway.

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Nothing quite like some #BeatLehigh messaging and a reference to that show about that office.

Lafayette’s finest OLs welcomed new Leopards, matching their tie-dye shirts with some high energy.

We remembered the lasting impact of Leopards who lost their lives on 9/11.

Our social media manager accidentally made a Blink-182 reference and cringed. But hey—remember warmer weather?

*Shoutout to Kwasi Obeng-Dankwa ’23 for some of these amazing photos!

And we still want to #BeatLehigh. We’re sensing a pattern here.

First day of classes, caught on film. Who knew you’d like seeing people walk around so much?

I’m sure you know this by now, but our campus is really pretty in the fall (don’t worry—it looks just as stunning in the winter and spring).

You loved that we are supporting future generations of Leopards—and we love that you love that.

Some pups and our president (because you can’t have a “Best of Instagram” post without at least one doggo). Plus, the gratitude campaign from President Hurd was pretty amazing.

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