dogs Hershey and Bando sit in the grass.Hi Lafayette! Our names are Hershey and Bando and we just arrived on campus last Saturday. We are service dogs in training from an organization called Canine Partners 4 Life, and we will be here for the rest of the semester. If you see us around campus and we are wearing our vests, please remember that we are working, so we might not be able to say hi even though we really want to. If we aren’t on the way somewhere or practicing specific skills, you may ask our handlers if you can say hello (there are special rules for that when we are working!). Hopefully this means you will be able to give us a quick head scratch, but if our handlers say no then we will have to say hi another time when we are not working. We are still little so we have a lot to learn, but we are so excited to be here.

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