The French Heritage Language Program (FHLP) currently serves New York City’s seven international public high schools as well as a number of public schools and communities in Boston, Miami, Philadelphia, and Maine. The goal of the program is to provide needed support to young Francophone students coming from Africa and the Caribbean, who have recently arrived in the United States.

On Wednesday, Feb. 16 at 4:15 p.m., Agnes Ndiaye-Tounkara, program director of the FHLP, will address the situation of these young immigrants and share examples of the importance of language in the development of their identity as well as how it is an asset to their educational success. The FHLP also directly contributes to college readiness—usually a closed door for most of this underserved population; the program offers preparation for exams and outreach programs, like the LafPAL initiative, where Lafayette students mentor the NYC PAL’s on college readiness and help them tell their story. Please contact Mary Toulouse with any questions.

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