Please read this important message from Provost John Meier about the upcoming spring 2022 course evaluations:

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

Student evaluations of teaching are one of several means by which teaching is assessed at the College, and they provide input to faculty members to develop and revise their courses. Faculty members are encouraged to consider their evaluations in judging the effectiveness of their teaching. (See Faculty Handbook Section 

As in the 2020-2021 academic year, the standard College evaluation form will be administered to students in all spring 2022 lecture, laboratory, and seminar courses with an enrollment of 5 or greater, through the web-based evaluation tool Anthology Course Evaluations (formerly known as CoursEval). Evaluations will be open between April 25 through May 6

Please be sure to set aside time to administer course evaluations at the beginning of a class session during the open evaluation period to obtain better response rates and a more representative class sample. As Anthology Course Evaluations is a web-based platform, please inform your students about when you are planning to administer evaluations in class and remind them to bring a web-enabled device with them. Administering the online course evaluations completely outside of class time or at the end of class are generally less effective practices.

Per Section in the Faculty Handbook, faculty members who wish to refrain from using the standard College evaluation form must communicate their reason in writing to the Provost’s Office at . Please do so by Friday, April 1 so that the course evaluation administration team is notified in sufficient time.

Please also consider administering anonymous mid-course evaluations if you have not already and consulting the CITLS resource on this topic.

If you have questions about course evaluations, visit If you cannot find the answer there, please feel free to contact us at

All the best, 

John Meier


Course Evaluation Manager


Millie Smith 

Academic Project Coordinator

Course Evaluation Manager Assistant


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