Dear Students,

Sunshine, swings, and frisbees—spring has finally arrived on campus! After a long, bitter winter, it’s hard to believe we are now in the final stretch. These weeks are some of the nicest to be outside and, for our seniors, some of the final days with beloved classmates and professors we’ve come to call close friends over the past four years. This period is ripe with many opportunities to make memories and enjoy our time together before Commencement. 

Music events such as Lafchella and the WJRH concert; the many formals and dances sponsored by student organizations; and, of course, Senior Week, which is packed with meaningful moments for our seniors culminating with the “Last Night” at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks are some of the many events happening in the next few weeks. 

I implore you to celebrate responsibly. These are moments to reminisce upon for the rest of your lives when you remember college. Ensure that you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water, eat foods that will give you sustenance before drinking (whole grains, fruit, protein-rich foods), determine your limits on the number of drinks you’ll have for the night, and remember to never drink and drive. If students misbehave or show up overtly inebriated at an event, they will be asked to leave. We all want these final moments of the semester to be safe and enjoyable. Let’s all do our part in showing that we can have fun events (yes, even those with alcohol) and monitor our own behavior so we can continue to offer these meaning-making moments in the future.

If you or anyone you observe has had too much to drink and you are concerned about their safety, remember the College does have a Good Samaritan Policy.  By calling Public Safety at (610) 330-4444, you can ensure someone responds to help with the sole focus to provide care; both the caller and the person being called upon for help will not face disciplinary action. You have the power to save a life at the touch of your fingertips. Plug the number into your phone in case you would ever need it in the moment. 

I wish you all the best of luck as you wrap up final exams and celebrate the end of another year. 


Dean Samble

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