Please congratulate the newest members of Administrative Council who have been elected to a three year term: Millie Smith, Amy Gross, Nadda Pavlinsky, Hannah Tatu, Sandra Rogers, Rebecca Pichetto, Tracey Itterly, Shannon Sigafoos, Tammy Trach, and Billie Weiss.

Many thanks to those who voted and to those who were nominated and ran in the election. All voices are important in our campus community, so we hope you will play an active part in engaging with council as we listen, advise, and act.

Please engage your representatives as they seek your input and share our plans.

Stephen Wilson, Chair (2021-24)
Lisa Karam, Provost (2022-2025)
Millie Smith, Provost (2022-2025)
Ben Landis, Development, College Relations, and Gateway (2020-23)
Amy Gross, Development, College Relations, and Gateway
Jill Snyder, Finance and Administration (2021-24)
Nadda Pavlinsky, Facilities (2022-2025)
Hannah Tatu, Information Technology Services (2022-2025)
Melissa Dalrymple, Campus Life (2021-24)
Sandra Rogers, Public Safety (2022-2025)
Rebecca Pichetto, Enrollment (2022-2025)
Tracey Itterly, Union (2022-2025)
Shannon Sigafoos, Communications (2022-2025)
Tammy Trach, HR (2022-2025)
Billie Weiss, Athletics (2022-2025)

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